Why Is This Porn Star Suing Mark Zuckerberg For $1 Billion Dollars!?

For Today in Frivolous Lawsuits Destroying America we go to Houston! That is where the seventh richest person in the world, Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has just been sued by a former porn star.  I think Zuck is going to have to make one of those new fancy Facebook emoticons for YIKES.

Break’s team of legal experts has been researching this story all night.

A woman named Paree La’Tiejira, 41 worked in the adult entertainment industry under the state name “Lady Paree” in the mid 1990’s. During that time she banged her way through 200 performances. Sounds exhausting!

Now she is claiming that posts to Zuckerber’s social media website caused her emotional distress and impeded her livelihood. Damn, those must be some next level trolls if they can upset a person with just their words who has appeared in gang bangs and movies such as “Black Jack City Volume 7” and “Seymore Butts In Paradise.”  

The mattress actress is currently unemployed and filed the lawsuit “pro se” – without the help of a lawyer.  The lawsuit does not say specifically what was posted on Facebook that upset her or who posted it. She is going right to the cause of all of this. If old Zuck hadn’t created Facebook all those years ago, it wouldn’t exist for people to say terrible things about her on. It’s sort of like getting prank phone calls and suing the estate of Alexander Graham Bell. For her troubles she is demanding that Zuckerberg  pay her one billion dollars.

Back in 2010 La’Tiejira won a lawsuit that sounds like it did have some merit. A skin flick company she worked for called Leisure Time Entertainment and its porn producer, Mark Carierre made false claims that Lady Paree was a transgender performer. This resulted in some disgruntled nutjob fan, having “found out”- incorrectly  that he had pleasured himself to a transgender porn star, going up and slashing her face with a knife. The scars on her face required 150 stitches. The judge in that lawsuit sided with her, saying that the company owed her $2.5 million dollars in damages for lost income and medical expenses.

Do you think people should be able to sue Facebook for disparaging comments users make?

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