Ladies Of Manure Calendar 2015 Covers Women In CaCa For A Cause

This is my number two favorite weird calendar news story this week right behind the Hot Shots calendar girls who are in trouble with the Utah National Guard for using their guns. However, the women of the Fertile Earth Foundation are firing off rounds of a different caliber in order to raise awareness of the many uses of “waste” and manure. 


Lady, I think you are doing it wrong.

To spread their environmentally friendly message they are creating a new “Ladies of Manure” 2015 calendar, posing seductively with piles of actual poop in Florida pastures. It’s like that time you accidently fell in a pile of dog crap in your yard, but someone made a pin up calendar out of it. Sexy!

Plant your tree with her.

The first Ladies Of Manure Calendar made a splash in 2013, so now these feces friendly women are once more frolicking in da poo-poo. In order to fund the 2015 calendar they have started a Kickstarter page where they need to raise $10,000 by October 31st. This Halloween you can scare everyone as an environmental activist covered in dookie!

If dropping a deuce saves the planet, you can thank me now.

The group hopes using half-naked ladies cupping caca will get the word out on composting education.

 “Well we found 12 creative, Eco-conscious and gorgeous women who see treasure in everything – even your daily #1’s & #2’s. When you see waste as a resource for building rich, healthy soil, in which delicious, healthy food then grows in, you wanna tell the world! Starting with you!!!”

Well they wouldn’t be hippies if they didn’t hold hands and sing, now would they?

OK, OK, we will recycle or compost or whatever, just stop dumping shit on these poor women!

[[contentId: 2779293| | size: 75]]

Another way to raise awareness for the ecofriendly uses for poop would be to sell their soiled panties. Literally. They could take underwear and put scoops of cow dung in them. I’m sure someone would be into it.  

For now the calendar is expected to be sold for $25, any takers?

She’s naked and I’m afraid.

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