Korean Finger Condoms Protect You From Sticky Fingers

Hey kids, always remember to be safe and wear a condom… with every meal. A new trend in South Korea has the eaters of messy finger foods such as chicken wings, pizza and potato chips slipping on little jimmy hats over their thumb and index finger. This seems like a great invention for the type of people who keep hand sanitizer in their pocket – and never get laid.

Dubbed by some as “finger condoms,” Finger Naps are being dispensed in restaurants along with napkins.  Don’t try putting one of these on your little cocktail wiener though.  It seems like these “condoms” are only going to protect you from some serious STDs: Sauce, Teriyaki and Drumsticks.See what we did there?  Heh heh.

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This might be a great invention if you thought body condoms were overkill at the BBQ. However, I don’t really see these catching on in America. I mean, half the fun of eating messy foods is that you get most of it on your fingers. That’s practically part of the meal! They even have an entire ad campaign for Cheetos centered around licking the orange chemicals off of your fingers when you’re done with the bag.  

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I just can’t see competitive eater Joey Chestnut rocking a pair of finger condoms while being crowned the hot dog eating champion. At the most any real eaters are allowed to use a wet-nap AFTER eating an exceedingly messy meal.  Can you imagine walking into a Texas road house for a rack of ribs and plate of chicken slathered in delicious barbeque sauce, only to ask for a FINGER NAP. It just ain’t right.  It’s unAmerican!

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Bareback it with this food.

There is however a penis cake craze in Taiwan that could use some finger condoms.

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Would you use Korean Finger Condoms?

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