Microsoft Hires Robot Security Guards

Criminals beware. Silicon Valley is taking back its streets with the help of autonomous robotic sentries.


We told you about Knightscope back in April, but now the little robot that could has gotten a big contract.  Companies like Microsoft have hired Knightscope K5 robot security guards to patrol the areas around their headquarters in an effort to ward off any would-be criminals who might want to steal a Zune. Equipped with lasers, GPS, and heat-detecting technology, the K5 can predict future crimes and make small talk by complaining about the humidity.


The robots stand 5ft tall and are designed to operate without human control. They are equipped with several features that wisely do not include machine guns. Instead, they feature surveillance cameras and sensors, thermal imaging, scanners that can read 300 car license plates per minute, and odor detectors. This technology combines to once and for all settle the accusations of who, in fact, dealt it.

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While the robots don’t intervene in any kind of awesome way, they analyze data from government, business, and social media sources to predict the likelihood of a crime being committed, and then will alert authorities if it finds any suspicious activity.


For their first mission, a four robot team of f K5’s are currently guarding Microsoft’s Silicon Valley campus before wider testing. This is truly a bold step toward the future of law enforcement.


Unless criminals figure out that they can just kick these things over or go upstairs somewhere.