Ladies Room Poster Catches Women Checking Out The Guy’s Package With Alarm

A Texas diner has a playful way of toying with their female patrons by having an alarm attached to a poster of a hunky dude who looks like a Melrose Place extra. Of course we’ve all seen the “Don’t look here” signs and of course we just have to look, especially if its probably some novelty made by the establishment. Unfortunately this one has more of an embarassing payoff.

When heading into the lady’s room of the Kitty’s Purple Cow diner in Surfside Beach, Texas, one would find this poster.

Apparently the imagery for some women just wouldn’t be enough, leading them to lift the flap hanging over the dong area. Sure, why not. You only live once! Unfortunately for the ladies, there’s not a whole lot to see once the flap has been lifted, just a dude with boxers on. Bummer. But it’s not the fake out that makes this joke really work.

The flap is actually hooked up to a buzzer which can be heard throughout the restaurant. And the longer you hold the flap open, the longer the buzzer stays on. Apparently Kitty’s Purple Cow is known for this novelty as the newer patrons are subject to the joke unknowing that the entire restaurant would be in on it. So if the buzzer goes off and you see a woman exit the restroom, the joke is on her. That filthy pervert.

Gotta love small town gags. This one is perfectly brutal.

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Source: Uproxx