Kirsten Dunst Responds To Leaked Nudes With Emojis, And It’s Perfect

Aside from Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton taking the center stage in what is called Celeb Gate (as well as some others), Kirsten Dunst fell victim to the leaked celebrity nudes scandal as well. Instead of some harsh words, Dunst replied on her twitter account with a combination of two emojis. And it’s perfect.

What better way to insult technology than with technology by combining the icons pizza and shit for “piece of shit”. Some of her followers replied to the tweet somewhat confused by the cryptic message. One guy wrote, “Lol pizza poo?”

I’m sure the last thing Dunst needs to do right now is explain her insult to that guy, but if you’ve ever played the game Mad Gab, you should be able to piece this one together. Well played, Dunst. And…bummer.

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source: Daily Dot