Kirk Cameron Wants To Tell You Guys How To Handle Your Christmas This Year

No one knows how to run your household quite as well as Mr. Kirk Cameron. He’s been on an interesting tirade this season seeing as Christmas is just around the corner and that’s the market he works with best.

Recently, Cameron told the women of their homes exactly what they should do to make a happy house this Christmas. And now Cameron has a whole new motivational video out, only this time it’s for the men. And it’s a lot more demanding. The ladies had it easy with Cameron asking them to put joy into the food they cook, or the songs they sang, because that’s mainly what women do during Christmas, right?

Here’s what Cameron thinks you men should do during this time of year.

[[contentId: 2786652| | size: 75]]

Why does his over-enunciating radio voice annoy me so much?

I understand his point he’s trying to make with these videos, but at the same time, it’s more annoying that he thinks he knows exactly what you should be doing in your own home, as if you haven’t figured it out already. Because he doesn’t think you have, apparently. I have an idea, why don’t you come over and help me do the dishes!

Of course the motivational videos Cameron is pitching seems to have one agenda in mind; go see his new film Saving Christmas, which looks just awful. And seems to sort of take away that whole Christian ideal, don’t you think?

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source: Defamer