What 7 Styles of Pants Say About You

If you’re not up to date on the news about Montreal police pants, and why would you be, you may not have heard the strange story that’s afoot.  Due to issues over pension concerns, the police are protesting in Montreal. They can’t legally go on strike, because crime would just love that, so instead they’ve taken to wearing protest pants.  What are protest pants?  These!


Not exactly official.  It’s just a way to draw attention to the issue and the government absolutely hates it but it brings up an important point – pants say a lot about a man.  You can’t just wear any old pants for any old job.  You need to know what your pants are saying.  And with that in mind, Break offers you this quick and easy guide to pants.

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You may not be a Montreal cop, but at least everyone will know where you’re coming from.  Or where your legs and butt are coming from, anyway.