How the Internet Reacted to Kim Kardashian’s Butt

Reaffirming why we know her in the first place, Kim Kardashian is trending everywhere today thanks to her photoshoot for a magazine you’ve probably never heard of.  She shows her bare, slightly greasy ass and everyone loved or hated it.

A more cynical person would point out that Kim rose to fame with a sex tape so, if you want, you could just go watch her have full on sex with someone right now, thus making a single photo of her butt seem insignificant.  Alternately, while the magazine boasts the line “break the internet” in some lame and arrogant suggestion that Kim K’s ass could rival the literal millions of other asses already present online.  But we’re not going to mention that.  Instead, we’re just going to celebrate the creative way the internet reacted to Kim’s big, greasy heiney and show you some of the best parodies.  Or worst.  Really depends on your opinion.

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No doubt the day will produce more but which do you like best?  Are you a fan of the original Kim? The parodies? or are you sick of the Kardashians altogeher?