Paper Magazine Releases The Full Frontal Image You’ve All Been Waiting For

It’s safe to say most people had never heard of Paper Magazine until today, thanks to Kim Kardashian’s risque cover showing off her full moon. Released earlier today, the cover took the internet by storm creating memes, hashtags and photoshopped works of art depicting the other uses for Kim’s behind. Homer Simpson’s mouth is a personal favorite.

But moments ago, Paper Magazine tweeted an image of what you all had been hoping now that we’ve all seen her butt more than we can count today. A fully nude frontal shot of Kim Kardashian, just standing there, naked. I hope she has a frame picked out for the paycheck she received.

Of course we’re posting a censored version of the image because I don’t want to go to hell just yet, but before you hit up google, here’s a link to the uncensored image thanks to Paper Magazine’s twitter page. It’s a great day to be an American.

But that’s not all, they also sent out another image of Kim K in more of a discreet “side boob” position for you fancy fellas.

It’s safe to say they haven’t really broken the internet today as they’d hoped. In fact, I think they made the internet stronger than ever today. So was this a win for the magazine? Or the website? Regardless of their agenda, the internet is on board.

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source: E! Online