UPDATED: Leaked Images Show Kim Kardashian In New Full Frontal Magazine Spread

There was really nowhere to go but down after Kim Kardashian posed nude for Paste Magazine’s now infamous cover that tried to “Break the Internet” last November. And who really thought she’d be so quick to strip down again for another “artistic” magazine spread. Well, you’re all in luck (sorta) because Mrs. Kanye West has taken her pants and lady undies completely off to show you a close up of her butt crack. Oh good.

In a leaked photo from the upcoming issue of Love, yet another magazine I hadn’t heard of until Kardashian got naked for it, Kim is shown in heels, socks and bending over to show you her Grand Canyon while smoking a cigarette. Like I said, nowhere to go but down.

Here’s the image you can now see without waiting until the issue hits stands on Feb. 9th.

Is it just me, or is Kim Kardashian turning into the next Courtney Love? In my opinion, it’s hard to believe anyone would pay good money for Kim K. to pose like that. I’ve seen facebook photos of people doing this for free after a few shots of Jager but hey, who am I to judge. I just hope she returns those socks to grandma Kardashian.

Apparently some people think the image is fake, but some sleuths saw the image first uploaded to Love Magazine’s instagram account which was then quickly removed. For those that actually follow Love Magazine’s instagram, when you see an image like this, you save it and ask questions later so it’s now hitting the internet to the chagrin of the publication. As for Kardashian’s next modelling gig, might I suggest a scratch ‘n sniff issue with MAD Magazine?

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source: Complex


Now we have a more full frontal image of Kim Kardashian standing in one looks like a motel doorway waiting for the mail while wearing her reading glasses.  I’m not sure if this is supposed to be artistic or just gross in general.

Unfortunately the image above is censored, but it’s not anything we haven’t seen before, am-I-right?

As mentioned, the magazine hits stands on February 9th, but really what’s the point. I doubt anyone will actually want to read the article, and we’re already enjoying the images so unless you have some kindling you need to buy, I think we’re all set.