North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un Recruits “Pleasure Squad” Of Ladies

A South Korean newspaper is reporting that North Korean dictator and 1990’s hairstyle aficionado Kim Jong Un is looking to reboot a tradition previous leaders of his country enjoyed known as the all – female “Pleasure Squad.” The purpose of the squad of ladies is to serve ALL of his personal sexual needs. Sounds like the best super hero movie ever.

“With these lady chefs, I can complete George Costanza’s trifecta”

Both his grandfather and his own pops, the last Dear Leader Kim Jong- ill had a “Pleasure Squad” too; hope they aren’t the same gals. #Awkward. However when the younger Kim rose to power in 2011 he mistrusted everyone and wanted to make sure those he came in personal contact with were loyal to his regime. So understandably this put a damper on the illicit harem of women.

“It’s going to be a long search.

In order to recruit the new batch of ladies that will put the dick in dictator, regime officials are searching across the country for “tall and beautiful” women. Reportedly recruits are staying at the Koryo Hotel in the capital city of Pyongyang for “security training.”

While the idea of an evil, ruthless egomaniacal tyrant having a stable of women to pleasure him might be envied by some men, it’s not all roses and rim jobs. Kim is married to a singer named Ri Sol-ju and the couple have a daughter together. What a deadbeat! Oh and most of his country is starving or enslaved while he enjoys things like a Pleasure Squad.

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Source: Mirror UK