Kids Upset They Are Going To Disney World Instead Of Chicago

These parents were so excited. They had a secret vacation planned for their children. They were going to take them to Disney World, that magical place where all kids desire to visit. But in order to surprise them, the parents said they were taking a vacation to Chicago.

What you are about to witness is the reaction to the truth finally falling on these kids’ ears. Warning: it makes no f**king sense:

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They’re upset because they are not going to Chicago? CHICAGO? Why do these kids want to go to Chicago so bad?

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I’m a bean, get it? LAWLZ.

Disney World is great. Everyone wants to go to Disney World. And if you don’t want to go to Disney World, it’s probably because you have your head up your ass or you think Walt Disney hated Jews. But even if he did, The Country Bear Jamboree or Space Mountain should make something you can easily look past.

Look, I’m not trying to crap on Chicago. It’s a fine town. I lived there once. It was a lot of fun. I had some drinks at some good bars and caught some fun baseabll games (White Sox games were fun, Cubs games were sad).

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I have no f**king clue what I’m doing.

But it’s not really a town that screams kid friendly. Kids can’t drink and vomit on Clark Street (which, I think, is something half of Chicago does on weekends). The museums are great but can you honestly remember wanting to visit a musuem as a kid? No, I didn’t think so.

So, kids. Hope you enjoy being pouty and upset about Disney World. Oh, how hard life is, enjoying Splash Mountain and taking pictures with Goofy and Mickey Mouse. Sounds like a terrible time! I HOPE YOU HATE IT.