6-Year-Old Suspended For Three Days After Pretending To Shoot A Bow And Arrow

It’s one thing to punish kids for fighting or bullying on the playground, but it’s another to suspend a child for merely immitating the act of shooting another kid with a pretend weapon. And by pretend, we literally mean the weapon didn’t even exist.

A 6-Year-Old was playing with some other students during recess, pretending they were Power Rangers when the student acted like he was shooting an arrow at another student. Unfortunately Principal Joe Crachiolo of Our Lady of Lourdes in Cincinatti thought it was just too violent to let happen and made the insane call of suspending the child for three days. Crachiolo explained to the 6-Year-Old’s mom what had happened and was standing firm on his decision of the three day suspension, even though the child’s mom pleaded with the principal to understand the difference between play pretend and actual violence.

But hey, I guess the kid can now continue to play Power Rangers on his own time. In the principal’s letter to the parents, he wrote that he had “No tolerance for any real, pretend or imitated violence.” What an asshole.

Apparently this dude had the worst childhood in the world if he thinks kids shouldn’t pretend to play Power Rangers. I’d hate to see how he’d react if a kid pretended to play Robin Hood.

Check out the interview the child’s parents gave WLWT in Cincinatti. The 6-Year-Old will return back to school after his suspension is over tomorrow.