Teen Accidentally Received A $30,000 Bank Deposit, Went To Jail For Spending It

Everyone has at one point or another dreamt of receiving an accidental huge lump sum of money in their bank account. I mean, it seems possible that a teller could accidentally write a number wrong and, voila, you are now sitting in riches for the rest of your days. Well, for 18-year-old Steven Fields in Georgia, that actually happened.

One day the teen noticed his bank account had just received a $30,000 deposit and of course decided to do the right thing: Spend it. Sure, you could go to the bank and tell them there was a huge error on your account, but who’s to say the teller wouldn’t just transfer the money into their own. If the original teller has no idea where the accident occured, who’s to know! It’s like finding a $100 bill in a store and returning it to the manager in case someone claims it. Of course the right thing to do is report it because the teen was just found guilty of spending the money, and has been ordered to pay it back in full. Luckily he didn’t spend all of it, but a good chunk went to a BMW.

18-year-old Steven Fields, livin’ large, in jail.

The victim was a 70-year-old man who had the same last name which is why the accidental deposit occured. The man had just sold land and was looking to keep the money safe at the bank. Unfortunately the real victim of the whole occurance was the teller who made the error in the first place. The 70-year-old victim had known the teller for a long time, stating “That’s the only thing that upset me was that my friend lost her job.”

The teen will serve ten years on probation and probably work a slew of fast food jobs to earn that money back the hard way.

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source: KDVR