Kid Proves Teacher Doesn’t Read Their Homework, Gets “A” After Trolling Quiz

Teaching kids and opening their minds to history, art and the joys of math can really be rewarding. Unfortunately for some teachers, when it comes to grading papers they’d probably rather be watching television or crusing Imgur like the rest of us and, well, may let a few papers slip by without as much a glance before just giving the student an A. Who’s gonna notice, right? The kids have no idea if they’re right or not, right? An easy “A” is great for the student but it’s also kind of sad when the student begins to notice that the teacher clearly has better things to do than their job.

Hilariously enough, this particular student decided to prove to everyone that his teacher truly didn’t care about the student’s homework (let alone the education their parents are paying for) by showing that he got a 12 out of 12 even though his answers are made up from a Shakespeare monologue.

At least the kid is using Hamlet quotes instead of Kanye West lyrics. That’s worth an “A” in my book.

After the student had posted the image to imgur, a lot of the commentors shared similar stories rgarding a teacher than clearly did not give a f*ck about truly grading their answers. Even one teacher chimed in stating “I have fifty students. I’m not reading all that shit. I go over it in class and mark for complete or not complete.” Yikes.

I know I’d be a terrible teacher because I wouldn’t assign the usual homework. I’d assign quizzes that kids might use in every day life like “What does Indiana Jones hate most – Nazis or Snakes?” Because let’s be honest, kids need to learn to be a little bit more sociable instead of hibernating online all day.