Kid Programs Parent’s Cell Phones To Text “Hell Yes” When They Type “No”

When you were a kid did you ever wish that you could just get y our parents to agree with you? No longer would you have to spend countless hours begging them to buy you a pair of $200 Air Jordans or silk Hammer pants to match. If only you could just Jedi Mind Trick them into compliance! Well unless you wanted to go full Menendez Brothers, you didn’t have a lot of options back in the day. Now Reddit user nasshole, AKA Brendan has figured out the ultimate way to troll his parents into submission. He programed a shortcut into his parents cell phones so every time his mom texts “No” it says “HELL YES” and every time his dad texts “No” it says “WHERE THE BITCHES AT.”  So naturally the little hacker asked them both if he could throw a house party.

Looks like someone is going to have an epic rager and his parents are totally down with it.

Jim what is going on?

Some of us folks out of high school and not living with our parents might text their mom and pops asking them to borrow five thousand dollars to get in on that sweet new multilevel marketing opportunity that is going to “turn it all around.” At a minimum your old man would reply “Where the bitches at?” which I would assume would be referring to all the ladies that would be hanging out at your pad after the MLM turns you into an overnight millionaire.  Which brings up the question; what would you text your parents in this situation?

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Source: Daily Mail UK