Kickstarter Launched To Fund Building Michael’s House From “GTA V”

Anyone who has ever played an immersive game like any of the “Grand Theft Auto” games know how easy it is to get lost in such a deep and complex world. One guy either loves “Grand Theft Auto V” enough to live in it or just wants a huge house for free thanks to a Kickstarter he launched to build one of the most familiar homes from the game. 

A Kickstarter has been launched to make this home from “Grand Theft Auto V” a reality for just $2 million. 

Paul Boyle is trying to raise 1.67 million Euros (or $2 million dollars) through the crowdfunding site to build an exact replica of Michael’s mansion from Rockstar Games’ latest chaos creating universe. He doesn’t just want to build the house. He wants the whole shebang. He wants the tennis courts. He wants the pool. He wants the carefully trimmed gardens and foliage. He even wants the exact same artwork on the walls right down to the “Rock Radio” poster in Jimmy’s room. 

Here’s one way to build a replica of Michael’s house that sure as hell won’t cost $2 million dollars. 

The truth is that it doesn’t look like this will happen. So far, the campaign has netted a whopping 15 euros far short of the 1.67 million that Boyle will need to make his virtual home a reality.

However, since this is Kickstarter, there are rewards to entice contributors to give money to the campaign Donors can give as much as $5,000 in exchange for (wait for it) a three-night stay in the house once it’s been built. Really, that’s the best offer he could make? You can get more than that for a timeshare and even if it’s a crime-riddled dump, they’ll let you stay longer than three lousy nights. Hell, staying in a condo in a bad neighborhood is probably a closer virtual “GTA” experience anyway. 

Source: Elite Daily