Feds Nail Kickstarter Campaign That Failed To Deliver After Raising $122,000

When sending in your money to fund a potential product through Kickstarter (or any site really), just remember some people aren’t going to deliver even after their campaign has reached way past their original goal. The makers of the H.P. Lovecraft-style board game “The Doom That Came To Atlantic City” had a goal of $30,000 that they were trying to reach promising hand-carved game pieces with the overall game produced by artists Lee Moyer and Paul Komodo and game designer Keith Baker through the company The Forking Path Co. Well the campaign had so many donations, they skyrocketed past the $30,000 and landed with over $122,000. That’s right, just for a board game with 2-4 players.

Unfortunately the campaign was in 2012 and the folks that donated haven’t seen one playing piece since the Kickstarter goal was reached. And that’s when the FBI got involved.

The Doom indeed!

After receiving complaints about why the hell the game was taking so long, in 2013 game creator Erik Chevalier with The Forking Path told backers that the game was just beyond his capabilities, even with the $122,000 officially in his pocket. Unfortunately, Chevalier also told backers that he had already spent a lot of the money, which made backers think the whole campaign was just a scam or Chevalier is just one lazy dude. Either way, people began to call shenanigans.

All of this…for a damn board game, folks.

So that’s what a $30,000 game looks like! *belch

After years of annoyance, a settlement was officially filed in federal court yesterday with documents stating that Chevalier must pay back $111,793.71. Of course Chevalier doesn’t have that kind of money since he spent it all so the courts have suspended the pay until Chevalier can get his f*cking life together. So what the hell happened to the money?? Court documents also reveal that Chevalier spent most of the money gained through the Kickstarter campaign on rent, expenses, moving and licensing another project of his. “Moving” is maybe the greatest excuse on that list. A single U-Haul truck alone is like $20.

Much like sex offenders, there really should be a Fund Me offenders list on these donation websites so we can all avoid the bad eggs.