KFC Wants You To Eat Your Coffee Cup

As part of KFC’s ongoing plan to make everything out of something else, all of which you can eat, which started with the Double Down Sandwich and it’s meat buns, KFC is launching a coffee cup made from delicious sugar paper covering a thin cookie and heat-resistant white chocolate.  No chicken?  But why?

The company is going to begin selling Seattle’s Best Coffee in their UK locations, where apparently Seattle still has a reputation for making coffee, or at least coffee drinkers don’t give a damn in the UK because all they care about is tea.  Who knows?

For now, it’s just the UK that’s getting the munchy cups, because most restaurants like to try their crazy ideas on foreigners first before they decide Americans will love them.  But all things being equal, how couple a cup made out of cookies and chocolate not work out?  Who even gives a shit about the coffee, just give us the cups.  We can use them for milk or gravy or whatever, it doesn’t matter. It sounds delicious is the point.

KFC has gotten a lot of heat over the years for being unhealthy, and for things like the Double Down being outrageous, but isn’t that the point?  Who the heck expects fried chicken to be healthy?  No one with any sense.  And that Double Down was probably the most talked about fast food item the year it was released, plus it’s just an awesome idea.  Bread at a fast food place sucks, no one wants it.  Replace it with your star attraction, in this case chicken, and you’re brilliant. 

Back to the cookie cups now being tested, in a really weird twist the cups have also been infused with calming scents meant to evoke chill feelings.  So you’re drinking your KFC gravy out of a cookie and suddenly the scent of fresh cut grass smacks you in the face, or wild flowers.  Why the hell would that ever happen?  Because the sinister team of food “scientists” who work with KFC want to manipulate your feelings and make you think of happy things like summer time and your childhood and just being cool and relaxed when you’re chewing the edge of your cup of delicious KFC coffee.

Is this manipulative?  Of course, but no worse than the grocery store putting the produce right near the entrance so the bright colors of fresh fruit put you in a better mood; just a little bit of food-based psychology.

Regardless of infused, mind-altering stink, this idea is a winner – it’s a cookie you can drink out of.  Why isn’t everyone selling these?