KFC Has Won The Fast Food Battle With The “Crispy Pizza Chicken”

Fast food companies have lost their damn minds…or maybe just got a helluva lot smarter. First Taco Bell combined tacos and doritos, then there was the “pizza on pizza” pizza, then Pizza Hut’s hot dog pizza and now KFC has taken the ball and made a slam dunk with their Cripsy Pizza Chicken chicken wings. Good God, get it in me! Get it in me now!

Of course there have been many more fast food concoction Frankensteins if you will, but this is the latest effort to come out of the glorious fast food mashup era we all have been living in that does literally nothing for your health. Bah, who needs to live anyway when you have taste buds that need satisfying.

Unfortunately the Crispy Pizza Chicken is only available in Hong Kong but it looks like an easy enough recipe one could create in their own kitchen like a true American. Judging by their promotional ad, you coat chicken wings in cheddar or mozzerella, add some marinara, garlic, spices and you have yourself a damn cripsy pizza chicken wing buffet.

Of course, the odds of it looking anyting like KFC’s is pretty slim. We just assume anyone that eats KFC on the regular is half asleep from carb intake.