KFC Creates A Bucket of Chicken That Prints Photos

Out of all the fast food chains, it seems that KFC is winning in terms of being the most savvy when it comes to technology.

First they had their Bluetooth keyboard and now, they have introduced a bucket of chicken that prints photos from your smartphone. This is the coolest and most bizarre offering from a fast food establishment.

The new bucket printer was created to celebrate KFC’s 60th anniversary in Canada (no word on if it will reach the U.S. yet) and they created this promo video that shows the bucket in action with a bunch of cool group of friends enjoying a finger-lickin’ good time with the Colonel’s original recipe.

This is as real as real can be — and it can be you and your friends! You will no longer have to worry about not having a printer on hand when want to print out the selfies you take when you and your friends are enjoying a bucket of fried chicken. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

The marketing for this is just so weird, but I guess it’s the next big thing for fast food establishments. Pizza Hut has also jumped on this tech trend with a pizza box that doubles as a smartphone projector. That said, I would like to throw my big fast food tech idea into the ring for consideration: a very long churro that doubles as a selfie stick. You’re welcome Taco Bell.

Source: Phandroid