Kevin Smith Shaved His Beard, Looks Almost Unrecognizable

After the brouhaha concerning Renee Zellweger’s appearance last week, Kevin Smith has one-upped the actress with his very own appearance change…by simply shaving his beard. Here’s a before and after.

In the famous dumb word of Joey Lawrence; Whoa.

Who is that young innocent boy with Kevin Smith?!

First of all, what fountain of youth is this man sipping from and second, has he lost weight too? As the self-titled “Fatman”, I would’ve had money on his beard hiding a George Lucas-type neck underneath, but apparently not.

Smith admits that the new change isn’t to land a role on a reboot of Leave it to Beaver, but more for supposed “green screen work” for his film Yoga Hosers. Which oddly enough had already gained attention with pics of Haley Joel Osment for the film, where he too looks unrecognizable portraying a crazed Nazi.

After the bomb that was Smith’s horror film Tusk, I guess he’ll take any decent press he can get these days. Although Yoga Hosers‘ plot sounds so insane, it might be good.

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source: Kevin Smith’s Twitter