Kevin Bacon Wants To Kill More ‘Tremors’, Ready For A Sequel

Studios are returning to familiar iconic movies with varying degrees of success like Dumb and Dumber To versus Mad Max Fury Road, it’s Tremors that has proven to be a movie that desperately needs a decent sequel…because so many bad ones were made. Three sequels were created from the 1990 original (with a fourth apparently in production), and unfortunately all were nothing but hard to swallow, subpar recreations of the original movie. All of which were also straight to VHS/DVD so you knew you were getting quality.

But now, Kevin Bacon who was absent from all of the sequels (smart guy) says he’d like to return to his character 25 years later, and to be honest, we would like to see that too. Here’s what he had to say on the topic:

“…What’s great about that movie is there are next to no digital effects. The monsters are done with puppetry, and it’s still off, funny and scary – it’s a cool accomplishment.”

More significantly, Bacon added “I’d love to do something else with Tremors and revisit the character 25 years later.”

As a horror fan, what made Tremors a classic is its original story, with special effects that still hold up today. A story about a group of small town-folk discovering a whole new species of monsters called “graboids” that travelled underground without eye-sight using only vibrations to lead them to food. And by food, we mean people. There’s even a scene where one graboid sucks an entire car underground because a woman was hiding inside of it. All completed without one second of CGI.

Making a good sequel 25 years after the original material proved to be a success is possible, folks. And I’m all for getting a decent Tremors sequel after sitting through some really awful ones. Thanks to Shawn Kohne for the heads up on this story.

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source: IGN