Kevin Bacon Is Returning To Fight More Tremors

It’s official: Kevin Bacon is returning to his roots as Valentine McKee to take battle with a few more graboids in a spinoff of the 1990 horror/comedy/but mainly horror movie Tremors. And it’s about f*cking time! The plus side is it’s actually a new television series so we can thankfully just put those awful sequels behind us and pretend it was just a bad fever dream. Sorry, Fred Ward and Michael Gross, you did your best with those.

Kevin Bacon himself hinted at his return to the franchise via twitter with a throwback photo of Bacon and his then pregnant wife Kyra Sedgewick on the set of the original Tremors. He then hints that maybe it’s “time to head back to Perfection”, which was the town in Nevada where the first Tremors was set in.

Entertainment Weekly then confirmed that it will indeed be a television show, with Bacon set to star and executive produce, although no network has signed on to distribute, but something tells me it won’t take much time at all for this reboot of Tremors to land somewhere soon, especially with the big success of horror television shows like The Walking Dead, Ash Vs. Evil Dead and The Strain. But regardless of horror shows and reboots being in vogue, Bacon returning to Tremors is some pretty awesome news.

We have no doubt Fred Ward and Michael Gross are waiting for their individual phone calls / pizza coupons as payment for their return, but I’d especially like to see Reba McEntire return as Michael Gross’ wife, because, well, that’d just be weirdly great.