Everyone Is Talking About Kevin Bacon’s Fat Face Selfie Today

Kevin Bacon must be some sort of warlock because the actor has seemingly stayed the same weight since we first saw him in the 80’s, but apparently things have changed according to his recent Instagram selfie, depicting the actor looking something like Kevin James. And the internet is curious what the hell is going on.

Actually he’s looking more like Clay Aiken. Regardless, everyone is wondering if this is some sort of amazing fat make-up job or Kevin Bacon has finally discovered KFC’s Double Down chicken sandwich. Afterall, his caption says “Greetings from the UK!” so maybe he hopped the pond to get fat in peace.

Odds are, and this isn’t confirmed but only logical, that this is just a really well done make-up job. He is afterall standing outside of trailer (possibly a make-up trailer) and making a joke of the fat make-up that has been applied to his still very much skinny face. Oh, and just one more thing, you can even make out someone in the trailer smiling at Kevin Bacon while he’s taking the picture. Probably the make-up person who applied the prosthetic. Alright, back to work everyone. Case closed.

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