Kentucky Student’s ‘Surprise’ For Everyone At School Backfires When Police Get Involved

It doesn’t matter what your stance on gun control is, I think we can all agree that ideally we wouldn’t have kids getting shot during third period English in the middle of the school day. And the fact that we’ve finally hit a point in this fucked-up timeline where even the most mundane Snapchat gets the police called on you is sad – sad for you, sad for me, and quite annoying for Kentucky student Jonathon Coffing.

For Coffing it was another normal day as a teenager, i.e. posting to social media, dabbing and eating Tide Pods. But things took a turn for the weirder when the police came knocking on his front door around midnight because of the snap he’d posted to his story:

Via Unilad

What’s the surprise, you wonder? A new haircut. Not an AK-47, not a shotgun and definitely nothing that would kill anyone, though it is possible his new haircut is so good it’ll slayyyy the ladies (on a scale of 1-10, I hate myself for writing that at about a 7). But because the threat of school shootings is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, the police decided to pay a visit to Coffing’s house.

“It was midnight the same night I posted it, they came knocking at the door of my parent’s house” Coffing explains to Unilad. “I was in bed so my dad came and woke me up. I came down and they said they got an anonymous report I posted something on Snapchat that was apparently threatening.”

“I told them I didn’t mean anything by it and I was just talking about my haircut. They had me show them what it was and make a statement talking about how I didn’t mean anything threatening and how there wasn’t any ulterior motive to me posting it.”

Coffing goes on to say that when the police first arrived he wanted to “throw up” and found the whole thing “extremely frightening” because it was the first time he’d “ever had a run-in like that with the police,” and later posted an update to his story:

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And while I’m sure Jonathon is glad he’s not spending the night covering his butthole in jail, to me this begs a different question: Who ratted him out?? I were Jonathon I’d be pissed that someone on my friend list thought I was prone to shooting up a school. Setting a trashcan in the bathroom on fire? Sure. Pooping in a urinal? Maybe. But if we’re being honest…

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…at worst, Coffing looks like the sort of kid who jerks off in the back of art class with a fresh bottle of acrylic paint. At best, his haircut is whatever — certainly no one is dying over that buzz.

What do you think — should Coffing’s Snapchat have been reported to police?

[H/T Unilad]