Jailed Kentucky Man Orders Pizzas To Police Station

It takes a man with some real big anchovies to prank police officers while he's already in jail. That’s allegedly the case of 29 year-old Michael Harp of Corbin, Kentucky, who police say ordered five Dominos pizzas to the station under the name of Officer Wilson; the same officer who arrested Harp. Way to get him! Next time bring him some coffee and donuts. That will really piss him off!

Harp denies making the “prank” call. Prank call? Who says that it was a prank? Maybe he just wanted to have a pizza party with his new friends in jail. The offerings on the menu at the police station probably weren't up to his standards anyway.

I would go to jail for you.

Harp was already in jail and being processed for shoplifting beer and public intoxication earlier in the day.  He asked to use his cell phone to call a family member, and police say he then ordered the pies. They were easily able to trace the call back to his phone. It all makes sense; what goes better on a hot Kentucky summer day than a tall glass of beer washed down with a few slices of pepperoni and mushroom pizza?

This is completely unrelated but comes up when you Google “Kentucky Dominos.”

So many questions: who got to eat the pizzas? Did he get bread sticks?  Is it really a prank if you send someone cheese and meat on dough? I think it would be more of a prank if he had a box of snakes delivered to the police station. In fact maybe he just took advice from Break and was trying to Prank It Forward?

Winner of the Nobel Pizza Prize

Although out of anything he could have called for, he did order Dominos. He might have been better off with the jail food. Now he is charged with theft of identity, theft by deception, and impersonating a police officer.

"I'm wrongfully accused on this here." Harp said. "They've charged me with two felonies over this pizza deal because I had my phone inside the holding cell."

Clearly he’s not the crispiest crust in the box, but you have to feel for this guy; two felonies over some pizza? Well at least where he’s going, he'll be getting some SAUSAGE. What? I hear they serve sausage toppings instead of pepperoni on the pizza in jail.

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