KFC Tweeted A Filthy Joke And Now They’re Having To Apologize For It

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the Twittersphere when it comes to jokes and comedy. However when you’re the social media manager for a huge food chain like Kentucky Fried Chicken, hand jobs might not normally be on the tip of your brain when it comes to promoting a new menu. However, that seems to be the new tactic for the fans of something finger lickin’ good.

Early this morning, the Australian Twitter for Kentucky Fried Chicken, which has a little over 23,000 followers made a joke image to promote a new type of sauce that is said to be “hot and spicy”. Sounds delish! The “problem” however came from the image they attached to the tweet showing a couple on a couch with the woman’s hand blurred as if she was jerking the guy off. It took that dude WEEKS to get her to put her hand on his chicken but the Twitter complaint brigade wanted it removed.

Jerk session aside, is it weird to anyone that they have empty frames hanging up?

Anyway, fans of the original recipe began to retweet the image which made it spread further (pun intended) with many replying to the joke asking what was wrong with KFC’s brain. It didn’t take too long for the tweet to be deleted, followed by an apology shortly thereafter. Bummer, the joke made US laugh at least.

One can say the last thing anyone ever made synonymous with KFC is “yankin’ the ole chain” but hey, it is 2016 and anything is fair game, right?! Don’t act like you’ve never had a lady’s hand down your pants while imagining the fine aromas of KFC’s extra crispy chicken. This might even open up a few doors for other fast food chains to come up with some X-rated marketing tactics. You know Ronald McDonald has a few filthy ideas for marketing.

At least KFC’s social media manager gave it their best shot in tweeting something original beyond the standard image of a plate full of hot sexy biscuits. Come to think of it, I’m gonna go buy me some of those bad boys, squirt sticky honey on top and chow down. Let’s all go support KFC today, shall we?