Kentucky Couple Dies From Carbon Monoxide While Having Sex In Car

Well, this is just sad; a couple who just wanted to spend the night getting warm, by bumping nasties came to an unfortunate end this past week.

Police in Glencoe Kentucky say that David Long, 31 and Violet Iles, 25 were found  dead inside of a car outside of their trailer.

The two had been having sex in the vehicle with the heater running and the windows rolled up in order to keep warm. What they didn’t know was that there was a hole in the rusty exhaust pipe, causing carbon monoxide to seep in. They were in the car for only 90 minutes when Long’s brother Kevin found them in the early morning when he took his kids to the bus stop.

Violet Iles

Although some might think it is strange to be sitting in a running car, Kevin didn’t think anything of  the pair sitting in the back seat, as if they were asleep. However he soon realized that they were not moving or breathing. That’s when he pulled his brother from the car and attempted to perform CPR.

David Long

So I guess the lesson is, even if it is cold out always crack a window while having sex in a parked car. The more you know.

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Source: NY Daily News