Substitute Teacher Busted By Police While Banging Student At Cemetery

A married Pennsylvania substitute teacher was arrested after she was discovered having sex with a teenager at a local cemetery. Kelly Aldinger, 49, claims to have met the 17-year-old victim when she was his substitute teacher.

Court records reveal that Aldinger and the unidentified teenager were seen having sexual intercourse in a parked car at the Easton Cemetery – in broad daylight. When they were questioned at the cemetery, Aldinger admitted to being a teacher at the same high school that the victim attends.

Aldinger and the teenager admitted to having multiple sexual encounters since the fall of 2015, at which time the victim was only 16 years old. An investigation has uncovered no other victims associated with Aldinger, police say.

On Tuesday morning, Aldinger appeared at the Easton district court to surrender herself into police custody. She was charged with institutional sexual assault.

Easton, who has been “indefinitely suspended” by her employer, revealed that she had moved back into her parents’ home, leaving behind her husband and children.

A worker at the cemetery told the Morning Call that this particular cemetery is a frequent meeting point for drug addicts, prostitutes and teenagers because of its secluded nature.

Source: Lehigh Valley Live
Photo: Facebook