Katy Perry Stepped Out In A Super Hot Halloween Costume Last Night

Wait, did you think we meant hot as in she’s like half-naked hot? Oh, no no, I meant hot because she’s dressed up like a Flamin’ Hot Cheeto hot. That Perry is one whacky pop singer.

First of all, why? Second, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are the gross version in the Cheeto family. At least she could’ve been the Jalapeno Cheeto if she wanted to stray from the classic Cheeto. And third, where on earth do you get a Cheeto costume of any kind? Because I want one!

Also, considering the below photo, was she born with her left and right leg on the wrong side? So many questions!

Oddly enough, the joy and pleasure I gained from google searching Katy Perry for that thumbnail pic had the complete opposite effect when googling “Cheeto fingers”.

Points go to Perry for using an actual Cheeto chip bag as her purse and/or trick or treating candy bag. I can only dream that she ate the entire thing before making it fashionable. Bless her heart.

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source: Elite Daily