Katt Williams Pulls Gun On Heckler At Comedy Club!

Comedian Katt Williams was at The Comedy Store in West Hollywood Tuesday night when things got a little tense at the club after he drew a firearm. What did he think he was in a Chili’s?

When getting a chin tattoo isn’t the craziest thing you’ve done in your life, it’s time to ask, “What’s going on here Katt?”

A heckler started shouting at Williams, making comments about his height and race, which is really not the nicest thing to do to anyone. It’s probably also not the smartest thing to do to a guy has been arrested multiple times for weapons possession and getting in fights. Katt responded by pulling out a gun and threatening the heckler. Did the heckler deserve it? Maybe.. but the other folks who came to The Comedy Store for some LOLs didn’t take too kindly to weapons being brandished. Someone called 911 and six police cars showed up at the club with deputies wielding shot guns and bean bag guns, preparing for a showdown.

Katt wasn’t performing at the time and when police arrived he had already left the comedy club. Please never let Katt Williams read internet comments.

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Is that a back tattoo of a chin tattoo? No wonder Katt pulled out his gat.

In their line of work comics often have to deal with hecklers. Sometimes the hecklers even jump on stage and start punching comedians, like when Jim Jeffries was attacked in 2007:

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Every comedian deals with it differently. I once saw the legendary comedian George Carlin in concert and right in the middle of his show a crazy guy ran to the front of the theater and started shouting at George. The dude wouldn’t sit down or shut up and had to be hauled off by security. But before he was, Carlin said the best line to deal with any heckler I have ever heard before or since.  “Someone please put a dick in his mouth! It’s what he wants!” Over his 50 plus year career Carlin must have dealt with lots of hecklers and honed the perfect comeback:

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