Elementary Teacher Busted For Trying To Sleep With 13-Year-Old Boy

A 24-year-old teacher named Kathleen Antonina Capitano made a big mistake and is in a lot of trouble. She was allegedly flirting online with a 13-year-old boy who she originally met while on the job at an elementary school.

After the boy told his parents about his plans to have sex with the teacher, police got involved and launched a sting operation. Sure enough, Ms. Capitano arrived at a hotel ready to get down and dirty. Instead, she was arrested and locked up.

The teacher from Shallotte, North Carolina, known to friends as Kat, has been hit with a total of four felonies and could face decades behind bars if found guilty on all charges. Considering the egregiousness of her alleged crimes, let’s hope she isn’t let off easy simply for having a pretty face.


Source: Washington Post
Photos: Facebook