Katherine Heigl’s Career Ain’t Lookin’ So Good

– Todd Spence (twitter)

I was flipping through the channels when I saw this commercial for Zzzquil.  I guess too many people were abusing Nyquil?  Awesome.

As the commercial ended, I noticed an incredible resemblence to Katherine Heigl from Grey’s Anatomy (I don’t watch it either) and Knocked Up, but I wasn’t too sure, so I took to the internet and low and behold it is true.  Check out the ad below.

Wow.  She’s doing sleep aid commercials?  I personally have never seen someone take such a career dive such as this before.  Normally it takes people a few years before the offers dry up.  What makes the whole thing that much sadder is she’s practically an extra amongst random actors hired to pretend to be asleep.  Secondly, they don’t even give her any lines, so you really don’t get the notion that she’s a “name” of any note.  I mean, if you’re gonna spend any money on an actress to wake up in a commercial, Katherine Heigl is really your choice?  I wonder if she auditioned.



Sure, top actors do commercials here and there, but at least they’re the focal point of the commercial ala William Shatner for Priceline or Alec Baldwin for Capital One.  But this Zzzquil thing is on a whole other level.  She doesn’t even get a catch phrase like “I sure slept well!” or “Holy shit, this stuff tastes like horse meat!”

So let this be a lesson to all of you actors who want to play hardball with your contracts and leave an incredibly popular *TV show just to show the man that you can get better bucks and limelight elsewhere.  Because odds are you can’t. 

*Grey’s Anatomy is still on???  I thought that got cancelled in like 2009.