Kate Upton Apologizes To Her Brother For Being The Sexiest Woman Alive

We always knew that Kate Upton was the sexiest woman alive because, well, we’re alive. Now that People Magazine has made it official, it’s probably safe to say that every heterosexual guy on the planet is happy for her. Well, maybe there’s one who isn’t.

Upton joked at the People Magazine Awards during her acceptance speech for her “Sexiest Woman Alive” award that her 18-year-old brother David may not be so excited about the honor.

“I’m so, so sorry to my 18-year-old brother. Poor David!” she said during her acceptance speech that every male in the room had to be told what she said because we’re sure they weren’t looking at her mouth.

Merry Christmas.

Upton noted in the post-show interview that she makes it up to him with sporting event tickets but come on, who’s she kidding? Her brother is now directly related to the sexiest woman alive. There’s a living hell we don’t even want to imagine. His friends will never let him live it down. They probably ask him for dates, chances to meet or locks of her hair all the time. It’s like your older sister is, well, Kate Upton.

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source: Peoples TV