Kate Upton Naked On A Horse (Video)

Mark-Potts by Mark-Potts on Jun. 20, 2013

TMZ received this video from a recent Kate Upton photoshoot that is sure to cause many men to feel emotions in their pants.

Now I know you're probably upset there are stars covering her parts. Yeah, well, we are too. But TMZ isn't releasing the un-starred out version because they don't want to break the internet.

What did we learn from this video? We learned Kate Upton likes to party. We learned she's professional. We learned she will give everything for her craft. And we know she can't control dem mammaries. God bless you, Ms. Upton. God. Bless. You.

Check out Kate Upton's slow motion video or some of the best Kate Upton clips on Break!

Jack-Knit-712 User

The pictures aren't even that special. If you want to see them, check out kateuptonnude.net - it has links to the other celebrities aswell

Thierry-Bodin-99 User

That' s so fake take a close look at the picture ...... nice photoshop job 

David-Corbett-370 User

so girls I wanna be in love make love often go places do things together often n if u want u girlfriend with us n be a 3some family kids n all that would be great

typicalwhiteguy User

Why is it that she has never looked as hot as she did in that very first Dougie video? Was she just skinnier?

typicalwhiteguy User

If I'd have played this with my back turned, 0:33 would have yanked my eyeballs through the back of my head. Her t!ts are pure eye gravity.

RuffRider88 User

What's the big deal with this Kate U? I've seen way sexier girls.

SpunkyK User

she's getting chubby

napattak User

F you Internet.  My bone went soft.

treyert User

Actually, she's just fückable, not much more than that. Certainly not beautiful. 

legacy27 User

I figured she couldn't be perfect... she has star shaped nipples.

Cool-Jon-1 User

Whoever Added the Stars, just Sinned against the Internet!!!


We're all aware that Kate Upton is a fat person right?

Geepa53 UserTop Commenter

I've seen her tits.  Wonder what her monkey looks like?

Teknopuls3 User

I dont get it...there are way better looking women out there than her.  Give it 20 years and those 'girls' will be hitting her knees.

Alekpowah UserTop Commenter

whoever censored this should be shot

whatinitheworld UserTop Commenter

I knew this was going to be a lie when the title mentioned "naked" but I had to open the lame page to be able to write my rant, Can you get over her? Honestly, you can masturbate all you want with pictures of her and that's OK, just do it in the comfort of your cubicle.

The-Langolier UserTop Commenter

Don't deceive the audience with the titles. I know you want views, but that is called half-naked. She is wearing panties, and the nipples are censored. It would be more interesting if for instance you didn't only focus on Kate Upton,  and had some articles about other lookers too.

Um_ok User

She's ok, but personally I still think Adriana Lima is hotter. Hell, Even Rose Leslie from game of thrones is hotter cuz she has fiery red hair and that accent. The blond bimbo just doesn't compare.

TheWord User

I don't get what the big deal is with Kate Upton. Ya, she's a really good looking gal but I don't think she deserves all the admiration she gets. There are tons of good looking gals out there. Hell I can search 30 seconds and find a woman just as good looking taking on a gang bang!

johnsonjiggle User

somebody BETTER have taken a picture from the backside! that is the sole reason why the internet exists!

MadMax740 User

Aww crap, I wish I had some of that NeverWet to spray on my monitor before I did what I just did :(

LostKeys User

This is why you dont*

Albert-Godown-607 User

@Teknopuls3 Who the hell cares what they look like in 20 years! Seriously. Idiots like you can't see past their nose and yet always think that dumb ass comments like this make sense. What we see in Kate is going on now. Not 20 years from now.

rockdrumer Top Commenter

  Don't just say it.. share that link!

SunVolt User

@TheWord Gal?  Is it 1933?  Gal = Smokin Hot Bitch.

typicalwhiteguy User

@llga01 @Scott-Woodson-907 Dear Oprah, I see normal fat women every day. They're everywhere. Why in the GD he!! would I want to see normal fat women on the internet too? Give me hot girls. The thin ones. The ones I'll think about when I'm settling on f_cking a normal fat person. The ones who will get me through the final 20 years of marriage. Amen.