Teacher Arrested After Masturbating Over Video Chat For Male Student

26-year-old Kara Loofborough, a seventh grade teacher at Fees College Preparatory Middle School in Arizona, was arrested this past Thursday after allegations that she had crossed a line with one of her students came to light.

According to the unnamed student in question, Loofborough showed him pictures of her breasts and genitalia, as well as a pornographic video in which she was shown giving oral sex to a man. Because this sex-ed lesson got out of hand, Loofborough is reported to have even masturbated over video chat for the 13-year-old student, which sounds baller if you’re picturing this version of her on camera…

…instead of this one:

Goddamn, what a little bit of makeup can do to a girl.

Daily Mail reports that Loofborough was aware that the student was only 13 and that she resigned from her position at FCP Middle School on March 30th for “personal reasons.” Maybe her dog is terminally ill, or maybe she realized that diddling underage kids after class would not eventually lead to a raise. Either way, the school district felt compelled to issue the following statement:

‘At the time she was hired, she had no criminal history reported based on the District’s fingerprint and record check with the Arizona Department of Public Safety and her background check by the District revealed no adverse findings.’

‘As always, the education, welfare, and safety of our students is our main priority.

‘This situation is extremely disturbing for everyone, but we must continue to be focused on teaching and learning for our students and to allow Tempe Police Department to conduct a thorough investigation.’

Loofborough had been teaching at FCP Middle School since August 2016. She currently faces charges of indecent exposure, luring a minor for sexual exploitation and furnishing harmful items to a minor.

A court date has yet to be announced.