Artist Creates Huge “Queen’s Vagina” Statue At Palace Of Versailles

Tourists visiting the famous Palace of Versailles, the home for King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette are surprised to find an art installation containing what is supposed to be Antoinette’s vagina. Made by artist Anish Kapoor (61) who has titled his piece “Dirty Corner”, the statue is supposed to represent a queen’s vagina taking power. Oooookay. Regardless, it’s a big rusty vagina to everyone else. I’m sure a lot of the kids visiting have a ton of fun questions for their parents to answer about this one.

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It looks like even artist Anish Kapoor doesn’t know what the hell is going on.

With it’s massive dimensions measured at 200 feet long and 33 feet high, British press claims that Kapoor is merely trying to provoke a scandal with this particular piece. He has a few other installations placed at Château de Versailles as part of the many artists invited to place work on the grounds throughout the year, but none of Kapoor’s pieces are nearly as interesting as the big metal vagina. Maybe most are just annoyed that for an “artist”, Kapoor clearly has no idea what a vagina looks like.

Megan, from the US, said: “When you think you’re coming to Versailles you’d expect like classic French, maybe a big statue of some Roman god but this just seems dirty, gross.”

A German tourist said “It’s one of the most famous places in Paris and I just wanted to see it and I saw this building, this statue, and I don’t know what it is.”

If you’ve been craving to see a big metal vagina in person, Kapoor’s exhibit will be displayed at the 17th century palace from June 9 until November 1, 2015.