Kanye West Pays Artist $100,000 To Remove Mural Of Kanye West Kissing Kanye West

An artist named Scott Marsh just scored the easiest $100,000 of his life. After a picture of a mural he painted featuring Kanye West kissing Kanye West went viral, the artist says a member of Kanye’s management team paid him the hefty sum to get rid of the mural.

In addition to the money, Scott asked for a lifetime supply of Yeezy Boosts.

“If anyone needs me I’ll be drinking from the topshelf,” wrote the artist on Instagram while celebrating the six-figure sale.

To finish off the deal, Mr. Marsh had to send Kanye a copy of the mural and post proof to Instagram that the mural was completely painted over.

Not a bad day at the office.


Source: Instagram