Everyone Is Talking About Kanye West Caught Breaking Character On Camera

It’s one thing when the media sort of appoints you as the town douchebag, but it’s another if you’re intentionally trying to make yourself out to be that person. Kanye West is probably one of the more disliked icons in pop culture today, but apparently that’s how he likes it because at the Game 4 Eastern Conference between the Cavaliers and the Bulls, West was caught enjoying himself. That is until he noticed the camera.

Switching from being just a normal guy having a good time to the sulking, no-fun Kanye West we’re all used to, it seems West accidentally let America see the real man even if it was just for a second. I just hope he doesn’t try to make up for it by stealing other people’s camera time and telling twice as many interviewers that he’s re-inventing music. Otherwise we’ll have to try to snap him back out of it like Indiana Jones’ voodoo spell in the Temple of Doom.

Please don’t, Kanye. Please don’t.

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source: Huff Po