Kanye West Keeps Tweeting Nude Photos Of Kim Kardashian

Kanye West knows a great artist when he sees one; after all every time he looks in the mirror he sees a huge bullshit artist, am I right? That’s why “Mr. Kardashian” has taken to his personal twitter account to heap praise on his wife Kim Kardashian’s vital assets.

Kanye is gonna to let you finish. Ew.

Apparently Kim was in the midst of a new nude photo shoot, which is good because the world hasn’t seen her goods and services since she was on the cover of Paper Magazine.

Swish? Is that the sound it makes?

Everyone’s favorite hacker group Anonymous recently announced that they would be targeting power couple Kim and Kanye, which is a big step up from their last target of evil, vile trash endangering the world; ISIS.  (Seriously, they go from ISIS to Kimye? )

Hopefully this is at a doctor’s office to get that swish sound figured out.

Well I guess if they were planning on hacking and distributing nude photos, they are out of luck.

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