18 Reasons We're Thankful Kanye West Is An Idiot

Ian-Fortey by Ian-Fortey on Nov. 27, 2013



Happy Thanksgiving, Break! Working here day in and day out is pretty fun and if there's one thing we need to be thankful for it's the people who make our jobs easier, the people who provide countless fails and ridiculous videos and stories we can post about that make us all laugh.  And so this Thanksgiving, we want to thank Kanye West for being so consistently reliable at being an idiot when he's out in public.  Everything he does is worth a joke.  So as a gift to you this holiday, we compiled the ultimate "Kanye West is an Idiot" post featuring video, Twitter and interview highlights of just how ridiculous Mr. Kardashian truly is.  Enjoy!


#1 - What Kanye Thinks of Kanye

You may have forgotten, with all the Kanye news of the last year, that he's been this way pretty much since he first appeared on the scene back in 2005/2006.  Just look at this video!


#2 - Kanye Loses a European Music Award

That's Kanye after not winning an award, interrupting a band (pre-interrupting Taylor Swift), to criticize their video which he admits he hasn't seen, to explain why his video, which cost a million dollars and had Pam Anderson, must have been better.  And how the show loses credibility by not giving it to him.  The other guys took it well, all things considered.


#3 - Kanye As A Boyfriend

Kanye takes to Twitter to let the world know just how great he is for Kim Kardashian.  Imagine being able to say this about any woman you don't keep in some kind of primitive, 50's-sphere of abuse.


#4 - Kanye Gets Political

Possibly the biggest mainstream moment in Kanye's career up to this point, Kanye gets emotional, goes off script, accuses the President of racism, makes a debacle of a charity drive meant to help hurricane victims and simultaneously blows the minds of both Mike Myers and Chris Tucker.


#5 - Kanye's Place in History

Kanye is of Biblical importance.


#6 - Kanye on Artistic Style

Nothing escapes his arrogant wrath, not even slouchy fonts.


#7 - Kanye Vs Bonnaroo

In 2008, Kanye chose to be the headlining act of Bonnaroo, pushing his set back hours.  the result impressed no one and the crowd reacted with anger. Kanye has no idea how to deal with anger from others.


#8 - Kanye on the Arts

No one ever would have guessed.


#9 - Kanye Meets Taylor Swift (Extended Cut)

Not only did Kanye interrupt Swift to let her know she wasn't good enough for the award she was given, he went on a tear afterwards to express his digust including letting us know how this was all a racist conspiracy against him, which is why Pink got to perform a song he's never heard of on the show and he didn't get to perform his song.  Bet you weren't sure how he could make an award for a female vocalist about himself.


#10 - Kanye Gets Political Part II

Kanye sees conspiracies around every corner.


#11 - Kanye Can't See Around Corners

It's not that he hits the sign post (well, it is), it's that he becomes enraged afterwards.


#12 - Kanye As a Boyfriend Part II

After dressing he gives her a sippy cup of mimosa and then it's off for a day of buying handbags.


#13 - Kanye Gets Destroyed by Charlamagne Tha God

In what seems to be the first case of this ever happening, someone questions Kanye to his face about his ego, his avarice an his whole image as a self-centered madman.  It goes well.


#14 - Kanye Meets Jimmy Kimmel

But they're cool now, don't worry.


#15 - Kanye on True Pain

You know if cloning worked, he'd be making out with his clone all the time.


#16 - Kanye Wants the Answers

At about the 17:00 mark Kanye just stops trying and resorts to yelling, somehow relating the French Revolution and Harriet Tubman to fashion design and is unable to see how both insulting the people who run businesses and then asking why they don't let him work for them is a bad idea.


#17 - Kanye on You

And thank God for that.


#18 - Kanye's Final Word

Nailed it.

What's your favorite Kanye moment that we missed on the list?

LOLwutteh User

I should have known that Kanye was one of those people who writes in ALL CAPS on the internet. Hahaha.

Dante40 User

He did give us bound 2 which then gave us the awesome parody with Seth Rogan and James Franco... but still wish he didn't exist.

nickhar User

kanye west is the new mike tyson for quotes... only we actually like mike tyson.

kams913 User

Why couldn't have been Kanye West to go up in flames rather than Paul Walker... what a sick joke...

PaulaMM User

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JimJc-IV User

Maybe... Just maybe... One day he will grow up...

But probably not.

Mel J Antoine
Mel J Antoine

lynch him and hang him from a tree as a warning to other ego maniacs.

Barry Seddon
Barry Seddon

Talking about yourself over other people's music isn't genius. You just have to have mind numbingly low self awareness and a chip on your shoulder.

VideoRahim User

You say "Don't be mean" in your comments. How about you don't post mean stories. What about posting mean stuff about the people who are really screwing up the world. Lost my respect for BREAK with this. You need to live by your own words!

Christopher-Cole-511 User

so dumb. instant turn off if a girl says they like kanye. such trash

richegus User

Is it me or has Break turned into a big sell out. All I get now is commercials, there content has gone way down like there not even trying. I used to go to work laughing saying yea read some funny $@#@# on Break you should check it out.  I have to say I don't do that a lot anymore. Hope they fix this going else where till then have fun with Kanye the racist  douche bag. Don't think he will change any time soon.

Lillan00 User

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MattInFla User

I wish he were more like Curt Cobain.  Someone buy him a shotgun, quick!

Simon-Hagstr-m-587 User

With millions of sperms this fuck face had to win. Its a sad story really.. the sperm next to him maybe would have had the anwser to aids but noooo we are stuck with this one


He makes French clothes?? 

kingdomofnothing User

If you can't dazzle them with brilliance baffle them with bullshit...

Michael-msop User

Every decision he has made on his own.

Mike Cochennic
Mike Cochennic

How can someone that nuts not be in a straight jacket around the clock.

Cyberlazer User

The moment he got drunk and drove his car into a overpass pillar. What that was in 2 years time, sorry I gotta get this time machine thing right.

Joe Malerba
Joe Malerba

all respect he ever had went out the window with his latest video he is truly a idiot

YellowDesign User

I don't know... no one can be THAT stupid. I think this is all for show, he wants to draw the lights for him, and decided to be the ultimate douchebag for this. And I think it's working, look how much we're talking about him right now... He is talented, no doubt. I like his songs, so I just forgive him

I-rode-your-mother User

Just not sure what the world did wrong to deserve this POS as a "celebrity" 

THEDingle User

The biggest douche bag since Adolph Hitler.

yomacau User

It's all too clear to me, there is a big marketing machine behind this fool. Can't you see the similarities in career moves of Kim Kardashian ? 1- work to get your name out there 2- work to make a fool out of yourself so EVERYONE be looking at you (possibly do a porno) 3- when all the dust settles, start your reality show and BELIEVE ME you will have followers who are filtered for stupidity of same leve as yours. 4- just carry on being the clown and please those who bother looking at you and MILK that shit up, make reality shows... sell t-shirts... all to your followers because all others will keep thinking of you as the eternal jack ass. 

Feelsbadforyou User

If there was only one sentence I could ever tell this man and inflict maximum pain it would be:

"Your mother would be ashamed of you."

bigpig User

My favorite Kanye moment will be when his heart stops beating.

Joel Harding
Joel Harding

It's amazing he can breathe air, he's so beyond stupid. This chucklehead is an insult to musicians.

Joel-Harding-429 User

It's amazing he can breath air. Also amazing is that he can type. Type well, not so. Sing well, not. Make sense, not.  

Mizogucci User

Who are this guy's fans? Who would go see him lol

legacy27 User

The only video I saw, with any relation to Kanye West, was Kim's sex tape.  And even that sucked.

Reamher User

What a dipshit.

CharonSimmons User

@Mel J Antoine feel free to go fuck yourself, troll.