Kanye West Discovered A New Reason He’s Hated

In all of showbiz and quite possibly the world, no one has a bigger undeserved chip on their shoulder than Kanye West.  He’s phenomenally successful, touted as a genius by some people, has a family, a career and for all intents and purposes has success beyond measure.  And he never stops whining.

For whatever reason, everything Kanye has isn’t enough compared to what he doesn’t have, and what he doesn’t have is whatever people won’t give him.  Someone else wins an award, he complains.  Someone sells more albums, he complains.  In the past Kanye has complained about how celebrities don’t have equal rights, comparing them to African Americans in the 1960s.  He’s also even claimed the fashion industry has discriminated against him because he’s black. And he’s famous.

Maybe forgetting why he thought he was discriminated against in the past, Kanye is back this week saying the fashion industry discriminated against him because he’s not gay.  So probably you can bet that it was definitely one of those three things.  Straight, black, celebrity. Fashion hates those guys, just as P. Diddy.  Straight black celebrities cannot catch a break, not a FUBU break.  Not a BBC Ice Cream, Benjamin Bixby, Wu Wear, Rocawear break.  You know, except for the few dozen other rappers who have clothing lines. 

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I’m so angry that other people still win awards.

Kanye feels he couldn’t break into the fashion industry and was discriminated against because he’s straight, and not because he was charging $75 for a white t-shirt that was literally no different than a $10 fruit of the loom T.  He went on to explain how frank ocean was groundbreaking as a musician because he came out as gay, but he broke the stereotype and made history, and that’s what Kanye is trying to do – break that fashion stereotype and make history.  He’s bravely being a straight man designing clothes.  Yes, he’s paving the way for other straight men like Ralph Lauren, Roberto Cavalli, Tommy Hilfiger, Oscar de le Renta, Christian LaCroix and dozens of others who we have to assume are from the future after Kanye paved the way for straight men in fashion, but went back in time to design clothes for the last few decades.

Like any celebrity, Kanye has fans who would forgive him for anything.  Kanye could murder an orphanage and some fans would say they were probably asking for it.  Look at Chris Brown, he was basically a monster and girls were on twitter making jokes about how they wished he’d beat them.  Fame blinds a lot of people, but Kanye’s problem seems to be he’s even blinded himself.  He hasn’t achieved the success he wanted in fashion and now he’s on his third preposterous excuse for why it didn’t work out?  Preposterous because it does hold up to even the barest of scrutiny. 

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My ego? It’s barely this big!

The fashion industry clearly doesn’t discriminate against straight men.  That’s a stereotype, not the one Kanye thinks he’s breaking down.  It also doesn’t discriminate against celebrities given the immense number of celebrity clothing lines that you can pick up around the world, not does it discriminate against black men when you look at how lucrative clothing lines for hip hop artists are.  It’s not discriminating against Kanye at all, it just doesn’t like him because there’s nothing novel or unique about a $75 white t-shirt. But he doesn’t get that.  And he can’t, because as his past whining as shown, he doesn’t understand that he’s not the center of the universe.  He doesn’t understand that he’s not better than everyone around him.  He just thinks he is, and when he meets with failure, the rest of us are treated to another hilarious Kanye brain fracture when he makes a fool of himself publicly.  Like by insinuating the fashion industry discriminates against straight men.