The Internet Is Going Nuts Because Of This College Student’s Racist Snapchat

Paige Shoemaker is a student at Kansas State. She’s studying Pre-Med and works part-time as a Nanny. However she can now add racist to her portfolio after sharing a picture of her in a mud mask (a L’Oreal clay facial mask more specifically), giving the “west coast” symbol (again, she’s in Kansas) with the caption “Feels good to finally be a nigga.” Of course she then added a crying laughing emoji just so people knew how funny it was. Unfortunately no one found it funny and a witchhunt quickly began after a few huge Twitter accounts shared the photo.

Let the shit storm begin!

Of course Shoemaker could easily say that she’s not a racist and was just kidding around (which she later did) but when it comes to racism, that’s not necessarily for anyone to judge but those that feel that it is in fact a racist gesture. In short, it’s almost worse that she didn’t mean for it to be racist because now you just sound like an ignorant dumb dumb.

Of course some people can’t help but laugh at Paige’s seemingly ignorant mindset and are taking the “racism” for what it’s worth. Which isn’t much.

Shoemaker even made a new Snapchat post stating that she deleted all of her pics due to the backlash and coverage from a ton of sites that literally made her internet famous in a single morning. But the internet, being faster than Superman, scooped up the snapchat post and made it viral. Now she just has to live with whatever comes her way, including how it’s effecting her stay at Kansas State.

Of course if you don’t know Paige, like most people reading this, your introduction to her is “Feels good to finally be a nigga.” Yeesh. Even Mel Brooks wouldn’t have put that line in Blazing Saddles. Might’ve been best to re-write and come up with something a little more snappy.

Aside from internet backlash, Paige was a member of the Kansas State sorority Zeta Tau Alpha but has already been kicked out due to her post. The sorority wrote “Her words and actions certainly do not reflect the values and principles of Zeta Tau Alpha.”

Regardless, Paige spoke to the press and said it was meant to just be a funny photo for her friends. She said, “I am the least racist and most accepting person you will meet. Never would I send it in a derogatory way.” Again, some things are meant for the viewer to decide. Sometimes it’s good to tell that friend that they’re speaking a little too loudly at dinner because, well, they just might not realize how loud they really are. It’s almost better in this case to be a full on racist and not apologize because that’s just what you believe in rather than be so damn ignorant to what you’re doing. She seems old enough to know that the N-word isn’t something you should just post around as a joke and not realize there’s some type of consequence. The other girl in the picture has yet to comment to the press.

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