Kang Ye Bin: Korea’s First Octagon Girl


kang in white bikini

What do you need to know before seeing Kang Ye Bin Nude?  Well, she’s currently known as Korea’s first Octagon Girl ever since she was selected as a guest Octagon girl for the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s (UFC) “Franklin vs. Le” event in Macau, China back on November 10, 2012. Hailing from South Korea, Kang is a Korean actress/model who has appeared on Korean TV in several TV shows including Rude Miss Young-Ae 11 & 12, Kings Family, Let’s Eat and The Time We Were Not In Love. Kang has also acted in a couple of feature films, Fighting Spirit and Marrying the Mafia IV. However Kang is best known as a model and was selected to grace the cover of Maxim Korea. In a Halloween special October issue of Maxim, she posed as a sexy vampiress. When asked about how she felt about people constantly calling her sexy, Kang responded by saying the word sexy is the best compliment one could ever get because if a woman had no sex appeal, than she is not different from anybody else.





Kang low cut dress


As with most hot chicks, there are various fake nude pictures of Kang floating around the internet however, Kang is a model not a hot Asian porn star so she hasn’t done nudity. However, one never knows if the right role came around whether Kang could be convinced to shed her clothing. The more likely event that would entice Kang to get naked or at least get semi-naked is if the UFC did a hot Octagon girl calendar featuring international Octagon girls.  Many American Octagon girls have done sexy pictorials and MMA ring girls have also been known to pose nude for various magazines.  American Octagon girl Brittany Palmer has posed for Playboy and so has well-known ring girl, Arianny Celeste. This totally makes sense since the number one requirement to be an Octagon girl is to be hot. On the international front, Brazilian ring girl, Aline Franzoi did a nude pictorial for Brazil Playboy for their September 2013 issue so if some erstwhile photographer or publisher can convince Kang to do the same, that’s where you’ll get to see Kang Ye-Bin nude!


Kang hosts a UFC Inside show on Korea’s Super Action channel, a Korean cable channel that broadcasts mostly action movies and sports and was a natural selection to be an Octagon girl. When asked how she felt about her appointment, Kang said, ““I’m thrilled to be Korea’s first Octagon Girl. I’m just a little anxious whether I’ll be able to do a good job, but I’ll try my best and hopefully I can raise the spirits of our three Korean fighters in the UFC.” She then went on to say she wants to look sexier and hotter than Arianny Celeste.

Arianny’s real name is Penelope Lopez and besides being an Octagon girl, she co-hosts automotive show, Overhaulin’ on the TLC network. But back to Kang who probably meant that comment as a compliment to Arianny who is a quite a hottie herself.




The Octagon is an eight-sided enclosure where the UFC stages their fights. Made out of walls of metal chain-link fence coated with black vinyl, the Octagon is 750 square feet with a diameter of 32 feet and the fence is 5 feet 6 in to 5 feet 8 high. There are two gates opposite each other where the UFC fighters enter. The Octagon is placed on top of a platform sitting 4 feet from the ground so that audience members can easily see the fight.

In the middle is the mat which is painted with sponsorship logos. Since the UFC focuses on mixed martial arts and boxing takes place in a square and wrestling takes place in a round ring, the shape of the octagon was selected to avoid giving any one fighting discipline an advantage. An Octagon girl is similar to what a ring girl does in boxing. She is a hot woman usually dressed in a bikini or a two piece outfit who walks around the perimeter of the Octagon in between rounds holding a large card to remind the audience which round it is. Although the women are definitely eye candy, they perform a very important service because who wants to keep track of the number of rounds when watching a UFC fight?