KAI Watch #1: The Plea

Kai, the hatchet-wielding hitchhiker, entered a not-guilty plea at his first court appearance in New Jersey on Monday.

Kai, whose real name is Caleb McGillivary, which isn’t nearly as cool so we’re not going to use it, was said to have been confused about the legal processess surrounding him and even asked the judge to elaborate on the charges against him. Apparently “murder” isn’t obvious.

Kai asked if they could delay the proceedings until he was able to talk to a different lawyer but was told no. He currently has a court-appointed lawyer, but he has supporters, people who have never met him, willing to pay for a different lawyer. Terry Radliff, a big Kai fan, plans on helping pay for legal services through crowdfunding (he has currently raised $1,467).

Kai’s bail was set for $3 million, to which his response was “OK, fine. Cool.” When asked how the court could reach him if he was bailed out, he told them email and Facebook.

What’s next? Three big things. First, Kai wants a new lawyer, but can he get one given that he is a homeless man who only has a hatchet to give (actually, he probably doesn’t have that anymore). Second, his fans will continue raising money for a new legal team, but will they also try to get bail? Are there that many Kai fans with deep pockets? Finally, Kai has the preliminary hearing where the prosecution must present evidence that ties Kai to the murder… like this Facebook status update:

Kai, of course, is innocent until proven guilty, something America pride’s itself in saying but rarely does (remember OJ? Everyone said he was guilty then looked what happened).

– Mark (twitter)

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