Everyone Is Calling This Girl “The World’s Hottest Nurse” And They’re Right

If there were a visual definition to the phrase “HELLO NURSE”, it’s this woman named Kai who is not only a nurse, but apparently the “world’s hottest nurse” thanks to her instagram account which shows off more than Kai’s daily scrub outfit.

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By day, Kai is studying at NYU for her nursing degree with her nights dedicated to being a part-time nurse. Her weekends however are dedicated to apparently making men drool via her Instagram posts which has racked up over 100,000 followers. James Brown once said it’s a man’s world, but I think Instagram is changing all of that.

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Of course if Kai’s instagram keeps taking off, who knows if she’ll stick with being a nurse for much longer because, well, would you? From the looks of her posts, she’s constantly travelling the world on yachts, partying in clubs and laying out by the pool. Even though Kai’s Instagram bio says “Don’t chase the paper, chase the dream” it looks as though she’s doing pretty well for herself by just being a nurse.

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Check out Kai’s full instagram account so you can get the full picture of Kai’s potential here. I hope the geriatrics at her work have appreciated her assistance while they had it.