Justin Bieber Will Be Roasted On Comedy Central

Justin Bieber has officially hit a new low. Joining past roastees like Charlie Sheen, Roseanne Barr and even Bob Saget, Bieber will be roasted in a March 7th taping for the popular Comedy Central special. The network hasn’t roasted anyone since James Franco’s roast in 2013 which saw high ratings, but nothing compares to the 6.4 million viewers received from the Charlie Sheen Roast. That’s pretty incredible until you realize the second most viewed roast was the Jeff Foxworthy Roast with 6.2 million viewers in 2005. Long story short, will Bieber’s roast beat Jeff Foxworthy’s? I kind of hope not.

Apparently Bieber had been wanting to get roasted for a long time now, letting his Twitter followers know how excited he was about getting slammed by some of stand-up comedy’s best.

Obviously Bieber seems to be making a joke about his recent immature behavior, but there’s also probably truth to that statement. The roasts only work if the target has had some “hard times”. As if desperately wanting to be on a Comedy Central Roast isn’t one of those moments. The truth of the matter is most of his fans probably won’t know who any of the comedians are in the Roast and will probably enjoy the sharp jabs even less. Long story short, the whole thing almost doesn’t make any sense. Bieber’s 20 and he’s already getting (or needing?) a roast? The whole thing seems cheap with Shatner, Hasselhoff and Roseanne Barr’s Roast coming across as more of a comedy for comedy’s sake event. Not as Bieber’s Make-A-Wish request that Comedy Central has to fulfill because they need ratings. But I digress.

It’s unclear which comedians and guests will be on hand at the ceremony, nor do we know who the Roast Master will be. Personally, I think Comedy Central could’ve found a better target than one as easy and overrated as Bieber.

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source: US Magazine