Justin Bieber Saved This Man From A Gruesome Bear Attack. Seriously.

He may not be imposing enough to prevent Orlando Bloom from taking a swing at him, but Justin Bieber still holds dominion over beasts of the wood. During one of Russia’s weekly brown bear attacks, a fisherman was surprised to rescued by the swaggy bro himself.

42-year-old Igor Vorozhbitsyn was on his way to a fishing spot when a bear, pounced upon him. Just then, Bieber’s “Baby” began playing on his cell phone causing the bear to halt his attack. After a moment, the bear eventually ran away in search of some better jams.  Here’s a photo of the damage the Bieber-hating bear did on the Russian fisherman.

Now a true Belieber.

Vorozhbitsyn, who is now bandaged, suffered a swollen eye, bruises and cuts to his head and chest but won’t suffer any accusations that he listens to Justin Bieber. “I know that sort of ringtone isn’t to everyone’s taste, but my granddaughter loaded it onto my phone for a joke,” he explains.  Riiiiiight. The ol’ listening ironically defense. I’m sure Miranda Kerr used that one too.

Even though we’d like to imagine that it was Bieber’s voice that frightened the bear away, Wildlife experts maintain it was the song’s volume and unfortunately not the quality of the song itself. “Although it is terrible and how could Luda sell out with that weak-ass guest verse,” I like to imagine they added.


What do you think? Did this actually happen or is it an elaborate cover-up by a man who couldn’t otherwise live down his embarrassing ringtone?

source: NYPost